Cause and effect: confessions of an html virgin

That was frustrating!! Sorry, I keep forgetting you do not see what I see so I will repeat that: <b><font size=”6” color=”ff0000”>That was frustrating!!</font></b>

This was my first time working in html. I spent far too much time on this exercise, so much so that I have left the html markup exercise as a work in progress, to go back to when I have time.

I was fascinated by the way some simple commands could influence the appearance of whatever I was writing online; but more so by the weird outputs that could happen if one of the tags or attributes was wrong. I quickly developed an understanding of cause and effect.

Some of my frustration flowed from my failure to read the instructions in the module and grasp the need to continuosly save the various exercises throughout the tutorial. I foolishly followed the instructions within the tutorial and cleared the slate each time. This meant going back to square one when it came to the second part of the exercise. Then I allowed myself to drift away from the purpose of the exercise “making changes … that may be useful for an Internet Basics related help site”.

Anyway, it is time to move on, so I’ll finish with some screen captures of the browser output for my first exercise in html markup:




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